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TARJA TURUNEN was born in Kitee (a Finnish city located in the North Karelia region) in August 1977. As a young girl she had a great musical talent, widely encouraged by her parents, which allowed her to attend music lessons. Her hometown is the one of Nightwish, a world-class metal band. Her vocal profile is that of lyrical soprano. She is engaged in solo singing career, presenting herself to her audience as Tarja. With modern facilities and beautiful natural surroundings, Kitee offers you a pleasant, small atmosphere, along with a peaceful Finnish way of life. This city offers you great opportunities for sports, with beautiful snowshoe excursions (1,800 km slopes, covering the landscape of the whole region).

Tarja Turunen breathes where is the oldest birch forest and larch in Finland. At age 13, her interest was all about singing, so she attended a music conservatory school. When she was admitted to Kuopio’s Sibelius Academy of Music, she was the youngest in her class. In 1996, she was one of the founding members of Nightwish, together with a schoolmate, but a few years later she studied singing at Karlsruhe (Germany) at the Hochschule für Musik. In 2016, she released her new album: The Shadow Self.

UNTIL MY LAST BREATHCannot cry it loud enough I’m giving up this ghost. How can I still justify when you deny my voice? In this nothing I am not allowed I just follow alone. Words as weapons without a sound echoes dying unborn. Until my last breath you’ll never know. Until you feel the silence when I am gone. Now it’s vanishing everything what we might have been only now you praise call my name that you won’t see again. Who can change this memory? Inside it needs to burn worship by the enemy. The guilty take their turns watching as it’s disappearing. Shadows all that remain wishes slowly crossing over in this parade of pain. Until my last breath you’ll never know. Until you feel the silence when I am gone. Now it’s vanishing, everything what we might have been. Only now you praise, call my name that you won’t see again.

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