She is one of the most important female singers in mainland China. Unlike other singers in her country, she writes and composes her songs. TIAN ZHEN is Chinese rock singer born in Beijing in 1966. She described Tina Turner as her favorite singer. This famous singer has released 11 albums in 14 years. She premiered for the first time in 1984, not far before her first collection had reached record sales in China. Beijing Youth Daily named her most famous female Chinese singer in 1996.

COLD BEAUTY I can not find an answer to the promises. Stay alone in a room for two. Suddenly the weather is cloudy. I’m sorry to waste my time away, shoot a picture of the former with the sincerity that is already obscene. Unexpectedly, my eyes dampen. A dangerous love, painted over a sentence period. Cigarettes briefly give me heat. Heavy make-up made to cover my drowned eyes, silent promises and trivial situations. I do not want them to come back and bear my heart. In the end I was getting tired, more and more a “cold beauty”. I despise being out of love and socializing. In the end, I was getting tired, more and more a “cold beauty”. Allow the person to roam deep in my heart.

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