I LOVE YOU – Poem, by Lörinc Szabó

Lőrinc Szabó was a Hungarian poet and translator, born in Miskolc in 1900. He began his studies at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, but did not finish his studies. He preferred to work for a literary periodical. His first book of poetry – Earth, Forest, God – had been published in 1922, achieving remarkable success.

Lőrinc Szabó had fought in World War II, emphasizing the beauty of war poetry. Because of his old Nazi-like sympathies, after World War I had been marginalized by the Hungarian cultural life. Many of his poems have been dedicated to his children, while in other poems he recalled his childhood. Deeply pessimistic, he has been the author of two poetic masterpieces: the autobiographical cycle “Grill Music”, and “The Twenty-sixth Year”.

I LOVE YOUI love you, I love you, I reach for you. All day I look for you, seek for you. All day when you’re gone I’m in tears for you. I languish and fret for the love of you. I kiss you, the sweet and the sour of you. I kiss every minute and hour of you. I kiss every minute and hour of you. My lips are still faint with the taste of you. I kiss the ground rich with the weight of you. I kiss the minutes you wait and I wait for you. I search far away as I seek for you. I love you, I love you, I reach for you.

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