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FACUNDO CABRAL AND HIS DIARY OF WANDERER – “Violently pacifist” and a “first-class homeless person”

This famous Argentine songwriter was born in La Plata (Buenos Aires) in 1937. He did not have an easy childhood. His father left home before he was born. First years led his mother and brothers to Berisso. Facundo Cabral was already an alcoholic at the age of nine, but the destiny gave him chance to reform. At the age of 14, an Jesuit priest in a jail taught him to read and write. He escaped from the prison, occasionally knew religion and began his singing career.

“When I left my house, my mother accompanied me to the station, and when I got on the train, she said to me: This is the second and last gift I can do. The first was to give you life, the second the freedom to live it”. His musical career had started strangely. The manager of a Mar de la Plata hotel in 1959 saw him play with the guitar and gave him the opportunity to sing, but his first recordings were unsuccessful. At the age of 22, admiring Atahualpa Yupanqui, he sang popular music, accompanied by guitar. Https:// Influenced by Borges’s literature and example of Jesus, he gave his life the task of observing and singing, what was happening around him, even at the cost of Criticisms and annoyances.

In 1970, he published his song “I’m not here or there.” Since then he began recording with Alberto Cortez and Julio Iglesias. Between 1976 and 1983 (in the years of Argentine dictatorship), Facundo Cabral had been forced into exile in Mexico, being considered a songwriter of protest. When he returned to Argentina, he was already famous in the world of music. He wrote music that inspired millions. He met Mother Teresa. He performed in over 165 countries in eight different languages. In 1987, thirty-five thousand spectators had filled a football stadium in Buenos Aires to listen him. Https:// In 1994 he made international tour, along with Alberto Cortez. In 1996, UNESCO had declared him a “World Peace Messenger”. On July 9, 2011, he was was killed in Guatemala after a concert. He gave his testimony of life to the world in songs, poems or just chatting.

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