BRAZILIAN AUTHOR’S TRAVEL – following the tracks of brazilian painters and writers

Our trip into Brazilian creativity begins in São Luiz do Maranhão, capital of Maranhão State, hometown of the writer Aluísio de Azevedo. With more than 3,500 buildings dating to the 18th century (entirely covered with hand-painted tiled tiles), UNESCO has granted this city the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Http:// We suggest you to read really special book named The Slum, inspired by naturalism. It tells story of two Portuguese immigrant heroes in archetypal situations.

We need 950 km and 13 hours by car to reach Fortaleza to admire art of ANTONIO BANDEIRA, an internationally renowned visual artist. Yes, his name is very similar to Antonio Banderas (Spanish actor, director, singer, and producer), but the man, we talk about was born in 1922 and died 1967.

The next stop on the way will take us to Recife (800 km in 10 hours by car) to know LULA CARDOSO AYRES, painter who had started painting at the age of 12 years, later painting murals in this long beach town. This is a place with the most beautiful backdrops in Brazil, amazing place to be part of carnival celebrations, to admire splendid historic buildings and taste its spectacular gastronomy.

The next stop in our art itinerary will take us to Porto Alegre (1300 km in 18 hours by car), where a little girl named Regina was born in 1945. For her, singing was like a priesthood; perhaps this had helped her become a famous singer, Elis Regina.

Then we arrive to Belo Horizonte (after 1100 km and 15 hours by car) where the painter FERNANDO VIGNOLI had lived. This metropolis did not loose the typical characteristics of the rural hamlet, remaining urban and rural at the same time. Here you will find the simplicity of cheese and cachaça bread (sugar cane superalcohol), along with intense cultural events.

Finally, we will arrive to Rio de Janeiro seaside (500 km in 8 hours) Except from the common sights for turists, we will discover places connected to composer and painter HEITOR DOS PRAZERES. Of course you must visit the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, and won’t be able withstand the temptation of climbing up to the huge statue of Christ the Redeemer, or perhaps you could be attracted to the Sugar Pane, but before you leave, visit an unusual (but special) place: Morumbi, where during the funeral of singer Elis Regina, thousands of people had gathered in a touching silence.

450 km and 5 hours drive, this is the route, you need to do, to get to Sao Paulo where the painter ALFREDO VOLPI  started to paint at the age of 12, creating natural landscapes. Here you can admire the mural, which Antonio Bandeira performed for the headquarters of the Instituto dos Arquittos do Brasil. Two interesting things to see in this city are the MASP (Museum of Art of Sao Paulo), and the Trianon Park (oasis of Atlantic forest just in front of the museum). Still a little bit of earth smell, still a clump of Brazilian sky, to get to Campinas (100 km in just 1 hour drive), to read at least one poem of Hilda Hist, ending thus – after 5200 km and 71 hours Car – our journey into Brazilian creativity.

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