BARBARO RIVAS (1893/1967), VENEZUELAN PAINTER – Value of intuitive use of colors


BARBARO RIVAS 1/3 – He was born in Petare (Miranda, Venezuela), not attended school or even any painters’ shop, but grew up in the principles and practice of the Catholic faith. In 1925 he discovered passion for painting, realizing wall paintings for facades and vestibules of the city. Https:// In 1934 he painted a lying Christ, a prime example of religious themes, which flourishes in his creative fervor. In 1937 he founded his home-studio in a house near a church, but also worked as a workman, before being discovered.

BARBARO RIVAS 2/3 – Intuitive use of colors, the choice of figures and objects, the repetitive symbolism of the landscape allow you to immediately recognize each of his works. There you find jagged mountains and gray skies full of angels, clouds and birds. In 1949 an art critic recognized the originality of his works, setting up a collective exhibition with other naive painters. Https:// In 1958 his works were included among artworks representing Venezuela at the Biennial of Saint Paul (received honorary mention as a naive artist).

BARBARO RIVAS 3/3 – Every humble sketch retains the imprints of the characters and their environment in Petare, town, where he lived all the time. His creative value lies in the choice of themes and colors, where he used pure intuition to extricate the naivety of his visionary spirit. His self-taught work is full of symbolism and constructive irriverence of spaces. He died at the gates of the spring in 1967, the year when he represented Venezuela at the “Naive Current of America” exhibition, held at the Museum of Modern Art in Madrid.

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