DEBORAH STEVENSON – I love the physicality of the medium

DEBORAH STEVENSON 1/3 – She was born in Washington, DC, but she grew up in Tokyo, went to high school in Baltimore, and got her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. She currently resides in Belfast, Maine.

DEBORAH STEVENSON 2/3 – Artist’s Statement:
“My paintings – When working on the canvas, I am drawn to painting scenes derived from living in urban environs.  My work reflects my interest in the ‘geometry’ and balance in the world around us, as observed in the quotidian views of skies framed by power poles, phone lines, edges of buildings at twilight, etc.  I love trying to capture the element of time affecting space;  the views change constantly as one moves through the environment, with one’s eyes looking upward at the swirling skies…. I paint in oil. I love the physicality of the medium: it is smelly, it is sensual – it is fast, and it is slow. ”

DEBORAH STEVENSON 3/3 – Her work is collected internationally. Deborah’s work is being featured in numerous blogs and online literary/arts journals. Her images have been used as artwork for the Canadian fashion line, Against Nudity. She has also teaching experiences as Guest Arti  st in LAND Gallery in 2012, teacher on summer program of BELL Foundation, in Baltimore, or Art With a Heart, Baltimore MD (non-profit working with underserved communities)

To pursue this artist, wiew the gallery of her artworks here :…ainter-collagist/

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