ALEX LEVIN (1975), UKRAINIAN PAINTER – Venice through the mask’s eyes


He was born in 1975. His works are admired worldwide. Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, he has been displayed in numerous private, corporate and institutional collections in the U.S., Israel, France, Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland and Belgium. He has been acknowledged by many influential figures, including: Richard Gere, Madonna, jazz player Oscar Peterson, and former president of Israel.

Alex Levin eventually immigrated to Israel and served three years in the Israel Army. In 1997, he entered the industrial and web design program in Tel Aviv, which was a great benefit for his art work. “Venice through the mask’s eyes,” takes a completely unique approach and presents the viewer with the most prominent feature of Venetian carnival – the Mask. His work focuses on surrealism and realism and features a range of work using oil, acrylic, pencil, charcoal and tempera paints. One of his favorite and most used techniques is 16th century multi-layering technique using tempera and oil without using brush strokes.

Venetian Mask, Painting
Artwork by Alex Levin
Artwork by Alex Levin
Artwork by Alex Levin
Artwotk by Alex Levin.
Original Paintings by Alex Levin
Artwork by Alex Levin, Israel.

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