THE SURRELIST PAINTER WHO CONCEPTUALIZES ALL – Jim Tsinganos, a world of rich, vivid colors

jim-tsinganos-1JIM TSINGANOS 1/4 – His characters, come in various sizes, but most of his images are based in the real world. His illustrations distantly remind of Goncalo Viana’s work (for their rich, vivid colours). Surrealist, Conceptual painter and Illustrator. He is Australian, with more than 25 years of editorial experience in illustration and collaborations with Time, Penguin Books, Amnesty International and many other newspapers and international brands.

jim-tsinganos-12JIM TSINGANOS 2/4 – His style is at the same time conceptual and extremely plastic, pictorial. He is a Sydney based Illustrator (with over 20 years experience). Having worked for over 25 years as an illustrator he has built up an impressive client list (including Qantas, Random House, LA Times and Australia Post among others). His work for financial publications like Money Magazine and The Australian Mint is most impressive for the imagination and wit the illustrator weaves into them.

jim-tsinganos-16JIM TSINGANOS 3/4 – He is the recipient of numerous awards, both locally and internationally and is represented in the UK and the US. His stylized caricatures reminiscent Tamara de Lempicka and Brad Holland, or Gianni De Conno, though, than the latter two, is less material and mellow. All these features make it easy to recognize, and to give his paintings a surreal and alienating effect, thanks to the heavens of the landscapes, which sometimes tend to resemble those of Dali.

jim-tsinganos-19JIM TSINGANOS 4/4 – Hee is interested in creating work with a strong conceptual basis, working primarily with pastels and watercolor. The technical evolution has taken him from the brush to the graphics pen, but has maintained the same setting. In interviews reveals his Greek descent, and how, as a child, he was fascinated by the greek-orthodox icons; a charm that is still very present in his memory. Unpicking the subject matter, his ability to hone in on the idea behind an illustration filters through to the grand and engaging visual hooks he creates.logo-meeting-benches

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