FROM IMPRESSIONISM TO EXPRESSIONISM – The changes style, remains the artistic originality of the man named Max Beckmann

max-beckmann-1MAC BECKMANN 1/4 – He was born in Leipzig on a February day. Against strong opposition from his family, he pursues a career as an artist. He is accepted into the Weimar Saxon-Grand Ducal Art School. The en plein air painting (which is taught there), makes the academy one of Gemany’s most progressive art schools. He goes to Paris to study at the Académie Colarossi. In 1906 he shows works at the exhibition of the Berlin Secession in Weimar.max-beckmann-6

MAX BECKMANN 2/4 – In 1914 he is a founding member of the Free Secession (as he is a strong advocate of German Impressionism). In World War I, as a volunteer paramedic he is touched by what he sees at the front, and he suffers a mental breakdown. After that great injury to his soul, he channeled his experience of modern life into expressive images, that haunt the viewer with their intensity of emotion.max-beckmann-10

MAX BECKMANN 3/4 – Around 1916, he changes his style from Impressionism to Expressionism. The content of his pictures (charged with symbolism), becomes more cryptic and complex. In the 1920s, numerous exhibitions take place in big cities all over Europe, and Piper also publishes several books illustrated by Max Beckmann. At the Frankfurt Städelschule, in 1925, he teaches a master class. His success is interrupted when the National Socialists take over power in 1933, because he is suspended from the Städelschule.max-beckmann-14

MAX BECKMANN 4/4 – He experimented with the format of a triptych, or three-paneled painting. He is stigmatized as a degenerate artist, and he flees to Amsterdam in 1937. In 1947, he teaches at the Art School of the Brooklyn Museum in New York, where he dies on a December day. From reality in artworks, he combined allegorical figures, rife with semiotic play, that conveyed his individual interpretation of the cultural and political climate throughout his career.logo-meeting-benches

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