15CRISTINA BERNAZZANI 1/3 – Of all her personal favorite pieces, she loves one in which a woman climbs a tree branch to look in a mirror (but only to see an apple instead of her reflection). For she, design is a language that goes beyond words. For that she cannot imagine existence without drawing and painting. She was born and raised in Milan, studied Graphic Art Design at University in Monza and has worked as an editorial illustrator at Italian magazines. In 2009, inspired by surrealism and comedy, she pursued a passion for painting (painting fulltime at her home).

2CRISTINA BERNAZZANI 2/3 – She loves to paint small pictures (acrylic on paper, acrylic material is in fact harder than the oil), with thinner shadows, along with more vivid and sharp tones. She reaches her creative goal only when it manages to communicate an emotion. The paintings of Holland (along with the magical surrealist), are her creative horizon, where a dream is looking for a dreamer who is able to express themselves with brushes and colors, as if they were words.10

CRISTINA BERNAZZANI 3/3 – Painting at home that magical surrealist style (inspired by the likes of American illustrator Brad Holland, along with Paola Piglia and Rob Gonsalves), it’s a hard and intense experience, which often influences her pictures. She can paint without depending on clients, coming up with ideas on my own time. When her first child was born, she had the feeling that life is extraordinary. From that moment on, she have tried to make every picture a birth. Yes, because like an beautiful work, inspires smiles and dreams.13

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