poem1-1OUR LIVES ARE SWISS – Poem by Emily Dickinson

So still, so cool. Till some odd afternoon the Alps neglect their curtains and we look farther on! Italy stands the other side! While like a guard – between the solemn Alps – the siren Alps forever intervene!

poem2-1                                              PHONE WEATHER – Poem by Ilene Bauer

Your phone will inform you of possible rain, but armed with this knowledge, how much will you gain? To tote an umbrella, or not, you must ask, and if you are wrong you’ll be taken to task. We traveled today to a charming Swiss town, expecting that raindrops would come pelting down. The sky, though, was sunny, to soak up the views of both mountains and lake. We did not have to choose. And Lugano, though Swiss, is Italian as well so I found lots of shops with gelato to sell. A hazelnut cone with some chocolate dripped on, was my choice for today. It was too quickly gone. Oh, and back on the bus, it soon started to pour for a very brief time. Guess the phone knew the score!poem3-1

THANK YOU, MY LOVE – Poem by Susan Palli

My love, my companion, my husband, I deeply give thanks to you. You provide my life with laughter, and make my dreams come true. To you I am ever so grateful, for what you have done for me. Together we built a foundation, for a loving family. I thank you for being forgiving, when I often let you down. I’m sorry for the times I hurt you, and make you feel like a clown. The years we spend together, get better as time goes on. Let’s continue in our endeavor, to unite and grow in love.


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