cover2-copyFor the Italian language, the text that is considered as the first written document no longer in Latin but in the vernacular (960-963), is represented by the witnesses formulas relating to the ownership of lands claimed by the abbey of Montecassino. If there is a land of choice of literature, this is undoubtedly Tuscany, where the Italian language is developed, and where – with Boccaccio – the modern Western story was born. The characteristic elements of the Tuscan poetry, constitute an enrichment of the Sicilian poetic models, a prelude to the intimate and spiritual change in stilnovistica poetry. It connects to the Sicilian themes of love, enriching them with original themes such as politics and ethics. Among its best-known representatives, there are Chiaro Davanzati and Guittone d’Arezzo, Bonagiunta from Lucca and Monte Andrea. Sicilian poetry, Tuscan poets prefer the lyrical form of the song, with effective grafts popular ways.

poem1-1TUSCAN WINE – Poetry by Cecco Angiolieri

Throughout this year it is, I whipped all the vices that I used to have; It remained except to drink, which I have God to be excused, because in the morning when I got up, and the full body of salt seems to have; therefore, tell me, who can restrain himself not to wet the tongue and palate? And I would not if not Greek wine and Vernaccia wine, because it makes me more boredom Latin wine, which my woman, when she drives me. Ah, well he who first put the wine, because all day makes me feel becalmed; I do not do, however, a Latin bad.

poem2-1SKY WOMAN – Poetry by Fra Guittone D’Arezzo

Sky Woman, glorious Mother of good Jesu, whose sacred death, to free us from the infernal doors, removed the error of the first our father. Look at Love with arrows sharp and square in what torment he alleges, and what fate. Mother merciful, to us dear wife, avoid crowds and follow its teams. Pour into me of that divine love, that draws our souls to the first, so that I dissolve the love knot. That remedy has this harsh fury. Such water soles quench this fire, as it derives from the axis nail with nail.


poem3-1TRAVERSING TUSCAN MAREMMA – Poetry by Giosuè Carducci

Sweet country, brought the fierce waves conforming dress and disdainful hand, and chest where ever love and hate do not fall asleep, while you still see it, and my heart leaps to time. Well I recognize in you the forms used with eyes uncertain between laughs and cries, and those I follow my dreams wandering footsteps behind the youthful charm. Oh, what he loved, what he dreamed, it was in vain; and more courses, and never arrived the order; and tomorrow I will fall. But from afar they say peace to your heart, hills, with vanishing mist and green charming floor in rainy morning.


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