RISKING CONTINUOUSLY ABSURDITY ‘- Lawrence Ferlinghetti Poetry

RISKING1.1Lawrence Ferlinghetti is one of the greatest living poets, well-known around the world for being the protagonist of dissent and the American counterculture, since the days of the legendary beat generation. Poetry as an art that arises is devoted to the social impact of the poem and its validity as a tool of individual and collective liberation. The collection consists of two parts (the first, that gives title to the book, it contains the most recent poems by Ferlinghetti to matter; the second, Poetry as news, collects 25 short essays Ferlinghetti wrote for a daily newspaper, articles conceived as a way to introduce poetry normal newspaper reader. If the first part is completely current, and the verses that contain reflect the yearning and Ferlinghetti position regarding the value and possibilities of poetry in the modern world, the basic thesis of the second part is that “poetry can really be news, and that there are poems written long ago, or yesterday, that may still be some news for us.”RISKING2


Constantly risking absurdity and death, wherever he performs on the heads of his audience the poet. Like an acrobat he climbs the rope board who has built, and balancing himself on the beams of the eyes, above a sea of faces, he backed his way, to the other side of the day, doing somersaults, magic tricks with their feet, and other admirable theatrical gestures, no mistakes and everything, everything for what perhaps does not exist. Because he is super realistic, what must necessarily understand a terse truth, before facing steps and positions, in his supposed move towards higher quell’ancor roost, where Beauty is and wait, seriously, the start of his pinwheel of death. And he a little Charlot who can grasp it or not his sweet eternal form, with arms outstretched on the cross, in the air empty existence.



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