ITALIAN RENAISSANCE POETRY – Jacopo From Lentini, Matteo Maria Boiardo and Pietro Bembo

poesie3.1HORSEHAIR GOLD CRESPO – Pietro Bembo

poesie1.1Horsehair crape gold and amber clear and pure, which has the aura of the snow floats and flies, gentle eyes and lighter than the sun, to do serene day the dark night. Rice, who could dispel any harsh punishment and harsh, rubies and pearls, where to go out so sweet words, that other good soul does not want to, ivory hands, hearts shake and warm. Singing, which seems of divine harmony, mature wisdom to greener age, graceful unseen up among us. Come to supreme beauty and supreme honesty, it was the bait of my fire, and they are in her through that a few heaven destines.

THE SONG OF THE BIRDS – Matteo Maria Boiardo

The singing of the birds in frond frond, and the fragrant wind of the flowers, and the lightening of glossy liquor, which make our views more joyful, because they are the Nature and Heaven she favors, which means that the world fall in love. So, sweet voices and sweet smells, the air, the land is already filled, and the wave. Wherever she steps moves, everyone turns his face, fiammegia a spirit of love so alive that before the hot season brings. To his sweet look, the sweet rice, the grass turns green and colorful flower, and the sea is aquieta and the sky clears.poesie2.1

LOVE IS A DESIRE – Jacopo da Lentini

Love is a desire that comes from the heart, for abundance of great liking. And his eyes before engender love, and the heart gives them nourishment. Good is what makes man an amateur, without seeing this falling in love, but that love that makes with fury by the sight of the eyes has birth. Because the eyes are the heart of everything we see good and pious, as it is formed naturally. And the heart, for this is concepitore, imagine, and he likes that desire. And this love reigns among the people. I hoposto in heart to serve God, so that I could go to heaven, the holy place, I heard him say, one remains fullness, game and rice. Without my wife will not let me go, the one that blond head and face clear, because without her I could not enjoy, staying by my wife split. But I do not tell him about that, because I wanted to do sin. If you do not see her beautiful gait, and his handsome face and soft eyes. Because that would keep me in great consolamento, seeing my woman in glory remain.


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