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HE PERFECTES THE OTTAVA RIMA – Angelo Poliziano, a poet of unfailing artistry

ottavarima1.1He perfected the ottava rima, and was among the first scholars of the Renaissance, and a poet of unfailing artistry. Angelo Poliziano (or Angiolo), was born at Montepulciano. He was tutor to the sons of Lorenzo de’ Medici, becoming in 1480 Professor of Greek and Latin Literature at Florence. Held many benefices, which were withdrawn from him on the death of Lorenzo de’ Medici. He died two years in 1494, after writing 352 Latin poems and Italian lyrics.

BALLADE IMaidens, I found myself one morn serene, of middle May within a garden green. Violets bloomed round about and lilies too, in verdant grass and buds of every hue, azure and gold and purest white and red, whereat to gather them my fingers sped, that I might deck therewith my flaxen hair, and weave a garland for my forehead fair. Maidens, I found myself.

BALLADE III found myself alone, alone one day, taking my pleasure in a meadow gay. There’s not a meadow in the world I ween, where herbs and grasses have so sweet a smell. I wandered for awhile down pathways green, till myriad blossoms cast their lovely spell, about me, white, red, every hue pell-mell, and then I heard a bird uplift his lay. I found myself.

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