DASHING OF CHARCOAL PORTRAIT SKETCHES – John Singer Sargent inside Edwardian era luxury

2post.1JOHN SINGER SARGENT 1/3 – American origins, but Italian election, John Singer Sargent remained throughout his life tied to Italy, where he returned often and always symbolized for him a source of inspiration for his pictorial fantasies. In a time when the art world focused, in turn, on Impressionism, Fauvism, and Cubism, Sargent practiced his own form of Realism. To live with Sargent’s watercolors, is to live with sunshine captured and held, with the luster of a bright and legible world. In 1866 knows the writer Vernon Lee (who became the companion of his youth in Italy and reflections on art), and the bond of affectionate complicity, will stay with them.8post.2

JOHN SINGER SARGENT 2/3 – He, son of the American surgeon Fitzwilliam Sargent and Mary Newbold Singer), the second of six children, was born in Florence in 1856, growing up in Europe with the two sisters. His parents had left America in 1854, after the premature death of his eldest daughter Mary of only two years, and Ms. Singer hoped to find in the Mediterranean climate a more favorable condition for his illness. The least known of its production dedicated to Italy, remains today as evidence a large number of works. Are those paintings that describe, even today, the indissoluble link that the artist had with the landscape, the culture and the Italian art.17post.3

JOHN SINGER SARGENT 3/3 – In 1879 he was in Venice, the city that comes to life in its impressive works, with blacks and red tones describing the lagoon city with its mysterious and elusive women, walking in dark streets and living in decadent interiors. At the end of 1885 (due to an accident while swimming), he is forced to remain in England, where he began a creative period focused on painting en plein air French. At the beginning of the twentieth century take up the study trips and reconnaissance: in 1901 Norway, Palestine and Spain, and then again Italy. In London (in an April morning in 1925), the man considered the “leading portrait painter of his generation”, he was found dead in his bed in Tite Street. You can see more on Meeting Benches, looking for: http://meetingbenches.com/2016/06/john-singer-sargent-18561925-american-painter-the-leading-portrait-painter-of-his-generation/




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