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CARLO ALBERTO SALUSTRI, ALIAS TRILUSSA – The cynical Roman version of La Fontane: three sonnets

trilussa1.1Among the Roman dialect poets, Trilussa (1871/1950), is by far the most well-known and appreciated outside his own hometown. His mature work falls broadly into two types (sonnets and fables), however, it wasat the poetic fable that Trilussa truly excelled, developing a distinctly cynical Roman version (of the genre of Aesop and La Fontaine). Among his many artistic merits, he is remembered for having cooperated with two famous stage stars of his age: actor Petrolini and artist Fregoli. During the first two decades of the XX century, his popularity gradually grew.

THE MAN AND THE MONKEYThe Man told the Monkey: “You are urgly, mischievous. How ridiculous you are! What a curious creature! When I see you, I laugh. I laugh, you can’t imagine how much!” The Monkey replied: “I’m not surprised! I’m so similar to you!”

THE CHASTITY BELTI have often read that ancient people, in order to preserve women’s chastity and purity, made them wear a kind of belt, so to save their honesty with no effort. And lover, on leaving his mistress, fastened her up with this lock. What stupid people! How ridicolous! How distrutful, God bless them! Nowadays since we are people of greater morality, these things do not happen, because women behave honesty by themselves. But had this custom still been in use, how could mu little Mary remember who was the last one to lock her up?

PANGS OF LOVEWhen he told her “I’m quitting you”, her blood ran cold. Poor thing! She shouted and yelled, then she threw herself on the bed and cried. “Ah!”, she said “I love him to much! I would have given him everything! What have I done for suffering so much? No, I can’t stand such a pain! It’s him, or nobody!”. And, all of a sudden, she left the bed and, mad with grief, ran to the balcony and jumped down. She fell headlong, in the middle of the lane. And now she has fallen in love with the doctor because he put her in good shape again!



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