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A WORLD THAT PLAYS ITS OWN GAME WITH US – Inger Christensen, poems

AWORLD.2.1Christensen’s father was a tailor, and her mother a cook before her marriage, but Inger Christensen (1935/2009, born in Vejle Denmark), become experimentalists – in different way – one of Europe’s leading contemporary experimentalists. Her works include poetry, fiction, drama, and essays. She received numerous international literary awards. After teaching at the College for Arts in Holbæk, she turned to writing full-time, producing two of her major early collections. Much of Christensen’s work was organized upon systemic structures, in accordance with her belief that poetry is not truth and not even the dream of truth, but is a game, maybe a tragic game. http://www.amazon.com/alphabet-New-Directions-Inger-Christensen/dp/081121477X

LETTER IN APRIL: IVAlready on the street with our money clutched in our hands, and the world is a white laundry, where we are boiled and wrung, and dried and ironed, and smoothed down, and forsaken we sweep back in children’s dreams of chains and jail, and the heartfelt sigh of liberation, and in the spark trails of feelings, the fire eater the cigarette swallower come to light, and we pay and distance ourselves with laughter.

BLUE POLESTonight, away begins to go farther away, and the dream what do we know of the dream, metallic leaps Jackson Pollock, silvery streams Jackson Pollock, I gaze across the sea, see in the distance your walk and you pass the Pacific, distant and blue, phallus and Moloch pace my view on into otherness, on into otherness? Are we in the world after or before, are we or are we not magnetic force, it is apparently me you inform: genesis woman dream that begins, tonight to go farther away, tonight to reach farther away, metallic leaps Jackson Pollock, silvery streams Jackson Pollock, on across the blue sea.


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