THE MUSICAL TONES OF THE CZECH SOUL – Like the mirror of his people, feeling music and different rhythms

A.vitruvian1.1When your geographical horizon extends – for business or pleasure – you have the wonderful opportunity to hear you inside, like the perfectly proportioned man (created by Leonardo da Vinci), correlating the symmetry of human anatomy to the symmetry of the universe. What you see, hear, eat and feel, it’s all inside the Vitruvian approach to life. Welcome to the musical tones of the Czech soul.czechmusic1.1 Means of knowledge of other cultures? The music, with a repertoire that includes songs of love and those of labor, patriotic and military songs, songs to dance and to listen to the concerts. The differences between the music of a people and another, are incredibly suitable for us to understand their mentality, speaking of their costumes, as well as the similarities between peoples of different music, they do understand that they are close culturally. The music of a nation, is like the mirror of his people, and every people has a different way of singing, perceiving music and different rhythms. If you listen to far from your habits, you will also be better able to understand and respect the views of others.

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