February 25, 2024 1:38 pm

THE DIDGERIDOO DISCOVERY – When sadness in the lyrics and melodies was the expression of an inner landscape

THEDIDGERIDOO.1.1Country music is a narrative of the life of the Australian outback, where aborigines were brought up, seeing him change gradually over time. The songs tell a longing for the far country, together with the love for their land, where the sense of disorientation of indigenous peoples was expressive affinity, because sadness of the lyrics and melodies was the expression of their new inner landscape. The themes that the music that pastoral settlers brought with them, echoing throughout Australia. Musical expressions of the Church were included in the process of Christianization, but also in touch with country music, for cattle breeding, where aborigines were working. Indigenous Australian peoples appropriated expressive models of society since the early decades of the colonizing European domain. In their songs, current bands describe points of traditional songs, along with the stages of travel and of the places visited by their ancestors. In particular, the genre “wangga” (songs for the dances accompanied by the didjeridu) originates unearthly, and those songs are received in a dream by the singers, by spirits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7cbkxn4G8U&list=RDS7cbkxn4G8U#t=9


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