February 28, 2024 12:57 am

UNITED COLOURS BY SEPARATION: Losing us in the evening, with eyes dew. Dust no more passion

sep1.1GOODBYE – V. Sereni: And there, light, you go on the wind, you get lost in the evening. MAYBE STILL – Anonymous, Hawaii Islands: She could still come. But who would sing the song? Past is his day. Gone is the image of her. You, a woman estranged. I, a man estranged. TOWARDS A BORDER – G. Gozzano: When The women loved, in smooth bands and Crinolines, Reached by a garden venerable, sobbing loudly, waving coaches That went to the border. sep3.1DISTANCE – A. Lowell: If you could grab the green light of a firefly, I could see so much to write you a letter. NIGHT ETERNAL – P. Sidney: She, Whose members maintain a perfect music. She, who stands upright blackberries of the cedars of the forest, pushed me into the eternal night. WITHOUT DRINKING – G. Seferis: I regret to have left a large river flowing between my fingers, without even drinking a sip. UNDERWRITING LOSS – I. Rosenberg: The sparkle of the eyes that crave, the dew that the time has entrusted, brightens your dust without passion. HARD TO MISS YOU – U. Saba: Tell me goodbye, though I can not say. Dying is nothing. Losing you is difficult. SEPARATE US – E. Dickinson: Everything is what we know of heaven. Everything is what we need of hell.sep2


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