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INSIDE THE ROMAN DOLCE VITA, CREATIVELY – Seven hills, a river and six people not to be forgotten

Warm and quiet Rome, where you can be fascinated by the unexpected Our trip to Rome smells of the typical delicacies of a trattoria in Trastevere – da Enzo al 29 https://www.daenzoal29.com/ in Via dei Vascellari – but to taste its typical Roman dishes you can’t book: queue and wait, however, you will receive the most agreeable of olfactory rewards. …

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THE PAINTER WHO CREATED GOTHIC FABLES – Stanislao Lepri, a surrealist in the recent history of art

The countless shades of an uncomplicated pictorial labyrinth He held his first exhibition in 1946, at the Galleria La Finestrina in Rome, demonstrating since then his singular vocation for surrealism full of allusive figures and spatiality. Son of the Marquis of Rota Lepri, born in Rome in 1905, Stanislao Lepri https://www.galerieminsky.com/en/portfolio-item/stanislao-lepri-2/ interrupted his diplomatic career to devote himself to painting. …

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