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A CLEVER BLEND OF BEAUTY, INNOCENCE AND FRAGILITY – Minjae Lee: Always experimenting new materials and ways to do things

Finding inspiration in human face, abstract movement and color Its underground markets, always pulse with a chaotic and old world vibe. Here, “pali pali” (meaning quick, quick), it is a way of life. With its pulsing creative energy, Seoul (the Asian city that never sleeps), moves at a pace that rivals the world’s busiest. Near the Han River (to the …

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COUNTRY FULL OF UNEXPECTED SURPRISES – South Korea: layer upon layer, the cultural and natural beauty

Where Confucian tradition collides with ultra modern fashion and design. Traveling in South Korea, you can discover, that it is a country of various juxtapositions, with serene mountain valleys bump against pulsing lights of the cities. http://www.korea4expats.com/article-tourism-seoul.html You need to experience the calm countryside and the rapidly growing cities, to understand the depth and vibrancy of this country. http://meetingbenches.com/2017/04/korean-landscapes/ You …

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