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BETWEEN INCAN MINIMALISM AND SPANISH BAROQUE – Traveling in Peru, happier than a cat in a fish market.

Think your sense of color; get it from a Peruvian journey. After our trip to Paraguay http://meetingbenches.com/2019/02/where-sometimes-going-backward-its-moving-forward-travel-paraguay-where-your-memory-remembers-words-without-forgets-what-is-behind-them/, our basket of memories will enriched with something new in Perù: To know the deep roots of this country, you need two things: a place to stay and an artist who talks about the connection between art and Peruvian nature. Once home to …

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FABRICS AND EMBROIDERY OF A PERUVIAN DESIGNER OF HAUTE COUTURE – Ani Álvarez Calderón: When gratitude is a way of life.

When clothing uses sun, earth and condors to enhance female beauty. Their spring clothing offers both ventilated silhouettes and impeccably tailored layers (from Peruvian pima cotton and soft and light alpaca). Visit a Peruvian Connection store near you https://www.peruvianconnection.com/category/stores.do, for take a look at their latest collection. Ecological clothing in Lima? If you want to support local producers, go to …

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