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THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF RURAL JAPAN – Hiroshi Hamaya, famous Japanese photographer of the 20th century

To capture and investigate a conclusion, with own eyes Hamaya Hiroshi https://www.shashasha.co/en/book/hiroshi-hamaya-photographs-1930s-1950s , one of the foremost Japanese documentary photographers of the 20th century, was born in Tokyo in 1915. After his aeronautical photographic experience, began documenting his hometown inoriginal way: from the sky and the streets. Interested in traditional customs of people and the climate of the region, in …

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THE CHARM OF PHOTOGRAPHY, BETWEEN VIVID AND DREAMY COLORS – Mika Ninagawa, a multidisciplinary artist who works in photography and film

A creative look that embraces flora, fauna, landscapes and paintings In Japan, celebrities are looking for her portraits. Her photographic works deal with themes inherent to Japanese youth culture, as well as – among other themes – goldfish and landscapes. Known for her style filled with vibrant colors, photographer Mika Ninagawa https://mikaninagawa.com/ was born in Tokyo on an October day …

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BLACK AND WHITE IMAGES WITH GRAINY – Daidō Moriyama: high-contrast and fast-paced shooting style

Most Famous Street Photographers in the World Most of the museum is located underground, but it is easy to find due to its dramatic and very distinctive architecture. The National Museum of Art Osaka https://www.osakastation.com/the-national-museum-of-art-osaka/, is a museum housing a major art collection on the island of Nakanoshima (central Osaka). Here, you will explore new trends in domestic and international …

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