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WHERE GEOGRAPHY DAZZLES IMAGINATION – New England on the go, among creative people and brilliant attitudes

Nothing that you cannot accomplish What was an artistic and literary movement of the twentieth century, born in Paris and involving all the arts, was born from the need to express creatively an invisible and irrational reality. Surrealism, in fact, fueled the interest of the poet André Breton and the writer Guillaume Apollinairee, as well as the interpretation of Sigmund …

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WRITING OF POETRY, WITH ERUDITION AND GRACEFUL DETACHMENT – John Hollander, a formidable presence in American literary life

When a poem also satisfies the ear Born in Manhattan in 1929 of immigrant Jewish parents, he attended first the Bronx High School of Science, then the College of Columbia University, where he joined the Boar’s Head Society. There he met his poetic mentor Allen Ginsberg, as well as Richard Howard, Max Frankel and Steven Marcus. Among his poetry books, …

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