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What was an artistic and literary movement of the twentieth century, born in Paris and involving all the arts, was born from the need to express creatively an invisible and irrational reality. Surrealism, in fact, fueled the interest of the poet André Breton and the writer Guillaume Apollinairee, as well as the interpretation of Sigmund Freud’s dreams. That psychic automatism, with words, writing or in other unthinkable ways, beyond any logical constraint, also captured the interest of an American painter. She lived in Rapallo (Italy) with her mother, also visiting Paris, thus becoming a good connoisseur of both French and Italian. On only one occasion, Kay Sage https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/488856 told an art critic what her The Instant was supposed to show: what was inside was both mechanical and living.

If you try to carefully observe her Tomorrow Is Never https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/488856, created in 1955 with elementary principles of architecture, you cannot help but let yourself go to the suggestions that refer to human forms. Her creativity developed particularly between 1940 and 1955, when she married and lived with Yves Tanguy in the Town Farm of Woodbury (Connecticut) https://www.aaa.si.edu/collections/items/detail/kay-sage-and-yves-tanguys-home-woodbury-conn-11569. She and her second husband a surrealist painter, had converted a barn on their farm into two art studios, separated by a partition, but with a door.

Singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie emerged from the dust of Oklahoma, while from the west coast the Kingston Trio was inspire by the traditional Weavers style. Yet, in the mid-1960s, British band music swept that genre. For an American singer-songwriter who loved that kind of sound, being tie to the folk revival of the sixties helped him become, along with Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, one of the key figures of the American folk scene. Singer, guitarist and songwriter, but also a painter and illustrator, he became part of the Cambridge folk music scene. Born in 1931 and raised in Westport (Connecticut), after listening to Ledbelly radio, Eric von Schmidt http://www.bobdylanroots.com/schmidt.html bought himself a guitar and began to learn its secrets, letting himself be influence stylistically by Burl Ives and Sonny Terry, but also by some trips to the Caribbean and from attending the Library of Congress in Washington. Thus, it happened that, between the fifties and sixties, within the folk music scene of Cambridge (Massachusetts), he became an appreciated folk-blues guitarist.

MY LOVE COME ROLLING DOWNhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1e5o3RUTK8. Do not need your whiskey; do not need your rum. All I need is my sweet Mamma    when the summertime come. She makes my love come rollin’, rollin’ down. There is a warm wind a’blowing, and it is blowing from the south. Like the sweet words flowing from babies, pretty mouth, she makes my love come rollin’, rollin’ down. Look a way over yonder, don’t you see that eagle rise. Lord, I love my sweet baby   like that big bird loves the sky. She makes my love come rollin’, rollin’ down.

Yale University undergraduate students would like to abolish the core course requirement for studying Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton. They no longer consider it acceptable that only white male author it should read studying English literature. Studying for a year without female literary contributions, as well as without those of black people, does not help them improve their knowledge of the literary landscape. Not only was the poem by one of Yale’s former teachers set to music, but he also teamed up with the Eagles to create a song, No More Walks in the Wood. John Hollander https://www.amazon.com/Selected-Poetry-John-Hollander/dp/0679761985 influenced poets who studied under him at Yale, taughting that it was possible to build something around the task of writing poetry. Among other, he served as member of the board in Wesleyan University Press and a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine. He died in Branford (Connecticut) in August 2013. About him, you can read that shor poem, AUGUST CARVING – The stone pair have been making love but that is as nothing: the he and she celebrate the embrace of light and stone. Light will fall from them, as from ourselves: they will pass among moments of astonishing shadow, then enter the dark, coldly, invisibly, forms fractured from their radiance.

In 1983, a clothing brand was born that decided to put something special on the market. New England, in fact, proposed an alternative shirt line to what was offer by the shops of that time. By visiting the Stileo website https://stileo.it/marche_new-england/donna/abbigliamento-donna, you discover that that certain way of dressing continues to have its charm. By choosing to buy New England designer items online on Yoox https://www.yoox.com/it/uomo/shoponline/new%20england_d, you would have a delivery in 48 hours. That timeless style also offers the online purchase of bags.

His boldly colored, vegan leather IEMBE bag proved an instant design hit. Playing on the phrase in my bag, his dynamic brand creates clothing and accessories, with a design that also includes robin’s egg blue in the bags. Speaking of the fruits of creativity, his Biblical Jacket https://www.iembe.com/product-page/biblical-iembe-jacket, was a great success. The museum’s interim chief curator thinks the bag created by Travis Dimeer Terry https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/living/article/Travis-Dimeer-Terry-Wadsworth-Museum-17125572.php is one of the most beautiful objects housed in his windows at the Wadsworth Atheneum https://www.thewadsworth.org/.

In the northeastern corner of the United States, you find a special place with a promising name, New England https://www.visitnewengland.com/all/, enclosed in the states of Connecticut and Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as well as Vermont. Boston, where you could snap a photo of its Trinity Churchne, is the cultural hub of this area of the American East, where a tour should include Acadia National Park, coastal lighthouses and the White Mountains, as well as Cape Cod, Newport and Plymouth.

A Romanian photographer, who grew up in England but settled in this region, on the other hand prefers photofraying people. In London, he studied Graphic Design at St Martin’s School of Art, as well as Photography and Fine Arts at the Royal College of Art. As early as 1992, when he was still a student, Vogue British recognized him as Best Emerging Photographer. For the cover of Time of Man of the Year 2007, when he photographed Vladimir Putin in the Moscow dacha, there were those in those images who saw that Russian as powerful as a relic of the Cold War, while others perceived him as a movie star. When Platon Antoniou https://www.ctinsider.com/living/article/photographer-Platon-judges-ct-show-16662832.php is inches from a leader, they want him to be quick, yet he continues to focus on capturing the invisible energy that flows from each of them. His bold and powerful photographic approach is not elitist; on the contrary, he tries his best so that what he portrays is perceptible to anyone.

To refer to an inhabitant of this region of the United States, in English the terms it is New Englander and Yankee. The climate of New England https://www.viaggi-usa.it/itinerari/east-coast-itinerari/new-england/, with frequent fogs and known for its unpredictability, offers wet and windy springs, hot summers and autumns with trees with leaves that take on pastel colors ranging from bright red to brown. Writer Stephen King used small Maine villages to set some of his novels. Although born in New York, Arthur Miller used this region to set some of his works. Instead, to find the way to success, a boy native to these places took the opposite path.

Born in 1909 in New Haven (Connecticut), to Latvian parents, Al Capp https://pagesix.com/2022/01/22/goldie-hawn-details-being-sexually-harassed-by-cartoonist-al-capp/ had two cartoonist brothers and an advertising sister. He too became a cartoonist, largely thanks to his satirical comic Li’l Abner. As a form of therapy to avoid thinking about the loss of his leg, his father introduced him to drawing. Among his favorite childhood authors, Mark Twain and Robert Benchley, as well as Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw. Among the influences that strengthened his creative abilities, those of cartoonists Tad Dorgan, Rudolph Dirks and Milt Gross. With his comics, he has reached the attention of tens of millions of readers in 28 countries.

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