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Between Dusk and Dawn It was a thick red-haired beatnik girl looking at you with her big black eyes, wearing black neckline sweaters. Her spirit remains not only in her art works, but also and above all, in the people and places she loved to frequent. Like a spirit born out of time, she lived a extraordinary life like a  …

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AN ENCHANTED WOOD, FULL OF DELICACY – Elves and Fairies, honoured also on a postage stamp

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, magic for few people What we are telling you is a story of fairy tales, feminism and an excellent reputation. Benjamin Bear, one of the characters she created in pen and ink watercolors, resembled a teddy bear, but there was also a koala inside him. Ida Sherbourne Rentoul Outhwaite https://documents.uow.edu.au/~morgan/outhwaite.htm, born in Melbourne in 1888, she showed …

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A NEW MASTERY OF FORM AND BRUSHWORK – Charles Conder: A bon-vivant painter who appreciated Melbourne’s girls

A key figure of Australian Impressionism It is not difficult to draw and paint a landscape; however, you need to know a few things. To create a landscape you will have to choose the subject and place. Of course, you will start with light strokes, so you can easily make corrections. If your creativity wants to deal with sea, sky …

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BETWEEN THE OBSERVED AND THE IMAGINED – Peter Booth: Gestural handling and release of forms from the artist’s subconscious.

When the vision remains bleak. A smell, or a taste just caught, can awaken details and visual details (but, also emotions) connected to those sensory expressions. This happens even years later, so do not forget to add these “travel memories” when you arrive in Melbourne. Here, you can experience Ricotta Hotcakes, Baller Bucket and Lamington Jaffles. Welcome into 658 Church …

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WHERE PEOPLE PRESERVE, NEVER DESTROY – Travel New South Wales: the more you know, the less you need (Australian Aboriginal saying).

Where spirituality is an oneness with all that lives and breathes, does not live or breathe. Created with the intention of producing a farm providing a means for the local community to live self sustainably. The station, founded in June 1888, it is ituated in Yorta Yorta country, on the Murray River (New South Wales, near the Victorian town of …

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A GIFT, ONLY IMPROVED WITH PRACTICE – Albert Namatjira / The extraordinary life of aborigenal painter.

First Australian Aboriginal artist to receive acclaim from the white community. With a cultural heritage going back 50,000 years, before European settlement there were almost 600 different Aboriginal nations within Australia. He it is remembered as an artist whose treatment highlighted the inequalities of Australian society. In both the indigenous and European communities, his Western style has earned him detractors. …

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