SURREALISTICALLY, LIKE NOWHERE ELSE – Ways to create in an original way? In Belgium, we know there are

Where you will appreciate being told love me a little, but in an original way Originally, the purpose of the museum was to present the secrets of the human body, as well as to offer the possibility of visualizing diseases. Founded in 1856 by Pierre Spitzner, the anatomical museum that bears his name still houses wax casts of human bodies …

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PROUD OF RIDICULOUSNESS, LOOKING FOR SURREALISM – Four shades of Belgian creativity, from Leefdaal to Kortrijk.

Travel where not only people give what they have, but also what they are. Based on our more years of art itinerary experience, we place a premium on value your creative satisfaction. Our Author’s Travels you offers themed-tours to different destinations around the world. Make your travel art masterpiece, moving you around the creative men and woman life’s experiences. Traveling …

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EMOTION HINTS, AND EMPHASIS ON SEXUALITY – Ann Demeulemeester: If I do not try new things, then I am not pushing myself.

Working with an artist, drawing inspiration from an androgynous singer. Local specialities include Kalletaart (apple cake with Calvados), Peperbollen and chocolate little beguines. The French called it Courtrai. The Roman name (Cortoriacum) meant in Latin the settlement near the curb in the river. Its name later evolved to Cortrycke, Cortryck and Kortrijk, a Belgian city in the Flemish province of …

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