THE PHOTOGRAPHIC PERSONIFICATION – Niccolo Cosme and the brotherhood of men

Promote social awareness with photography

He began a career in photography in 2001. For those who don’t know yet, he is an inspiring, sensual and disruptive photographer. Born in Cavite in 1980, Niccolo Cosme is a Filipino photographer based in Manila, Philippines. The son of a screenwriter and television director, he entered a reality-based singing competition. By adapting to the context of different cultures, through him the Christian imagination has provided requirements imposed by a norm of functionality.

Ysabella Roxas Ysmael, candidate for Miss Universe Philippines 2020, believes that physical fitness is essential to get noticed, but this photographer’s photographs prove it impressively. A supporter of AIDS awareness, Niccolo Cosme started an information campaign in 2011 aimed at understanding HIV in his native land. He won an international photo contest, held in Korea in 2011, in recognition of his interest in Christian iconography, making photographs inspired by Christian iconography, such as the Pietà and the Crucifixion.

With no studio experience, he landed his first photoshoot for a fashion column at age 24. Inspired by the suffering in Christian iconography, he has created compelling photographs that he uses to promote the rights of the diverse and marginalized He attracted the attention of major international brands by focusing his attention on the photos, he creatively wanted to imagine them as billboards. In 2012, Niccolo Cosme together with other Filipino artists received the Harvest of Honors for culture and the arts.

He shares his Kawit home with the children every summer, offering them refresher courses to motivate them to learn. A human rights advocate and sensitive to the dangers of climate change, he was acclaimed a pioneer for life in the Philippines in 2011. Fascinated by Christian symbolism and iconography, he began his photography career in 2001. Niccolò Cosme started in 2007 a digital concept that combines profile photos used online with advertising. In 2010 he produced COSME XXX, a series aimed at the perception of pain. His Project Headshot Clinic, a project born almost by chance, is a digital advertising agency. His works are exhibited in New York, Vietnam and Cambodia.


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