AN HARTFORD’S FASHION DESIGNER IN MUSEUM – In my bag, you define luxury (Travis Dimeer Terry)

Using a mom as a model

He likes to see his customers’ reactions on social media. His brand sells bags and clothing online. Since 2000, in Hartford (Connecticut), a luxury brand created by Travis Dimeer Terry has established its own way of doing fashion. His creative motivation was to create a minimalist label with products with a unique and handcrafted design. As a tribute to his creativity, the IEMBE 2022 bag, in Tiffany Blue vegan leather, has a large removable strap, with a metal plate on the front that recognizes the designer.

He was raise on Barber Street, Hartford, but graduated from Clark University in Atlanta (Georgia). It is a groundbreaking luxury brand. Built from a college dorm, Travis Dimeer Terry‘s IEMBE has humble origins, but with its extraordinary bags creates something special in the fashion world.

He lives and works in Hartford, where he continues to believe that even Connecticut can make dreams come true. His creative foray into the fashion field began quite peculiarly. In fact, after canceling a vacation to Miami because he did not have a suitable bag, he ordered bags on Amazon, drew a logo, and tested the design of his bag. The funny thing is that he has the impression that, if he were to change his model, everyone would ask him what became of his mother. Travis Dimeer Terry tweeted photos of his mother dressed in a white dress, high boots, a fur hat, and a green coat, sporting a lime green IEMBE bag.

His boldly colored, vegan leather IEMBE bag proved an instant design hit. Playing on the phrase in my bag, his dynamic brand creates clothing and accessories, with a design that also includes robin’s egg blue in the bags. Speaking of the fruits of creativity, his Biblical Jacket, was a great success. The museum’s interim chief curator thinks the bag created by Travis Dimeer Terry is one of the most beautiful objects housed in his windows at the Wadsworth Atheneum

A first-generation graduate of his family, he hopes to be a role model for his cousins, even if he was not born in New York or Los Angeles. His goal is to see his IEMBEs on the shelves of Saks, on 5th Ave. What his customers ignore before ordering is that he makes four in one bags, that is, usable as a handbag, backpack, and shoulder bag. On Twitter, Travis Dimeer Terry‘s brand caught the attention of pop culture icon Cardi B. However, that is not all. Among other celebrities, rapper Fabolous and influencer Jordyn Wooods are fascinate by the IEMBE catalog.

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