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Painting in an intuitive way, from a drop of white to creating a human body, does not always require a plan. In fact, and even outside the academic schemes, from an idea it is possible to dive into an extremely stimulating adventure. In opposition to the traditional style of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, like teacher at Kunstnernes Studieskoler, his department was well know for the impact he has had on many Scandinavian artists through his years of teaching. Around 1900, as a character, he cannot be separate from his art and his dreams. In an era shaken by the Scandinavian debate on sexual morality, he was seculated about his possible homosexuality. In fact, Kristian Zahrtmann https://www.artrenewal.org/artists/kristian-zahrtmann/6833 also created many paintings featuring male nudes that were classifie to such a degree that some museums refused to purchase them. A drop of white paint in the center of a flower arrangement indicated some sort of reflection to him.

From his point of view, it was possible to find a magical garden in any corner of his native land. The perfect balance of his music still leaves you spellbound listening to him. In fact, his is not simply a singing, but a true hymn to the beauty and magic of nature. In 1950, he exiled to Paris, where he studied singing and developed a uniform voice that could switch from natural baritone to soprano melody. Living in France, he became skilled in recording and production. Famous Norwegian lover of classical music and lover of Italian music, Arne Dørumsgaard https://arnedorumsgaard.com/ lived in Italy for thirty years in Marzio. In 2001, he inaugurated the “Norsk Lydinstitutt” in Stavanger, to which he donated his own collection of records, video and cassette tapes, as well as music books and sound equipment.

Poetically, in the context of feelings of restlessness, a precious synthesis she gave us was her ability to pass expressively from melancholy to bliss. What she sought of her was close to her and came to meet her exclusively in that unfathomable nuance of her feelings, often bathed in her tears. An intelligent woman with a captivating smile, she also became a passionate photographer, but it was thanks to her mother that she was able to realize her poetic vein. Thanks to the impulse of a Finnish-Swedish-speaking relative, around 1908 she made the decision to make Swedish the primary language of her writings. Edith Södergran https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poets/edith-sodergran has been able marvelously illustrate life through multiple stylistic means. In the period between the two world wars, this poet initiator of Finnish expressionism was able to do it, in an extremely personal way, with perspectives of bliss and melancholy. NOW IT HAS FALLEN – When all the golden birds fly home across the deep blue water, I sit on the shore, enraptured in its scattered glitter. Their departure rustles through the trees. This farewell is vast, and separation is approaching, but reunion is certain as well. With my head on my arm, I fall asleep easily. On my eyes the breath of a mother, from her mouth to my heart: sleep, daughter, and she dreams now that the sun is gone.

She decided not to follow the fashion trends she owns you, but she preferred to remain herself, because everything she wanted to express in the way of dressing had to remain connected to nature and the sensations she experienced, living in close contact with it. What you wear of her, she remembers, is not simply a way of introducing yourself to the world, but the language of the land where she was born and raised. She was just a much-unknown girl, Finnish and blonde-haired woman, yet suddenly her postal connections were filled with requests from people interested in her models. Among the most important launch platforms for the global fashion industry, she won the 28th edition of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography. Among her favorite designers are Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. She is a Helsinki-based fashion designer who won first prize with her graduate collection at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Satu Maaranen https://alpifashionmagazine.com/journal/marimekko-vertice-creativo-satu-maaranen/ began her career at the Finnish design house Marimekko.

For a good travel story, she needed to know not only the places, but also, and above all, have information on the people she was going to photograph. Learning photography was a beautiful thing for her, but she discovered that doing it while traveling was a wonderful experience. Photographing the world, from her emotional approach, was a way to share its beauty. This is why the memory of her travels turned into extraordinary diaries. This is the story of a little girl born in Tønsberg in 1899, and she will introduce you to a Norwegian lucky enough to have received a camera from her father as a gift. The tenacious and curious girl came from a wealthy family, but she lost her father at an early age. Elisabeth Meyer https://hundredheroines.org/historical-heroines/elisabeth-meyer/ loved to travel, therefore, that Kodak folding machine was very practical for moving around with ease. At the age of 33 she was already a member of the Oslo Camera Club, five years she went to Berlin to study photography at the Reimann School.

A particular aspect of his creative vein consisted in drawing pictures with livid colors. His surreal humor was base on the cartoonist portrayal of illogical events and behaviors. In his humorous cartoons, he had an extreme need to introduce apparent incongruities. His surrealism could also turn into a wise dog. The son of a butcher, he grew up in Copenhagen and interrupted his studies at the Academy of Art, starting to work as an illustrator and stand-up comedian. As a comic writer, he collaborated extensively with the Copenhagen newspaper Berlingske Tidende and cartoonist. On the environment of the petty bourgeoisie of Copenhagen, he enjoyed writing an enormous amount of stories, sometimes even absurd and surreal. From 1920 onwards, he was a very famous humorist, and his first comic was print in 1906. Danish cartoonist, painter and humorist Robert Storm Petersen, http://www.artnet.com/artists/robert-storm-petersen/, better known by his pseudonym Storm P, was born in the Danish Valby in 1882.

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