WHEN TAILORING IS A TRAINED SKILL – Auguste Soesastro and his fashion designer exploration

The importance of good karma, because clothing starts with fibers

From his point of view, in addition to designing and putting together fabrics, tailoring must be a constantly trained skill. It started appearing around the 1980s. Islamic fashion derives from the need to cover certain parts of the female body and harmoniously molds religiosity and fashion, encouraging one to be modest and pleasantly elegant. He has clients of many nationalities. His Kraton woman is intelligent, art loving and no-nonsense. Auguste Soesastro https://www.jakartafashionweek.co.id/designer-profile/17/auguste-soesastro dresses have essential lines, sumptuous fabrics and shapes inspired by Indonesia. He is torment by the need to build the model, reduce the seams and simplify the drawing. The finishes need to understand the value of the seams and edges.

Drawing on his experiences in Paris and New York and adapting it to Indonesian customs, he imagined his own way of doing fashion. Born in Jakarta in 1981, Auguste Soesastro https://www.instagram.com/kratonworld/ is an Indonesian designer who lived for ten years in Australia, where he studied architecture and earned a degree in film and digital arts. During that time, he specialized in Southeast Asian fabrics and ethnographic arts. In collaboration with a major fashion manufacturer, in 2017 he created Wastu, an affordable everyday wear. He likes to use linen and cashmere; he especially likes to use the double divisible weft and the effects of sober refinement.

He had wanted to become a fashion designer since he was only eight years old. He works with expensive fabrics, so she cannot have waste; therefore, using eco-friendly fashion practices is her goal. Even architecture taught him the multiplicity of values inherent in contexts and lifestyles. Auguste Soesastro https://generationt.asia/people/auguste-soesastro studied fashion design in Paris, but it was in New York that he got to work as an assistant model maker for Ralph Rucci. In 2008, when the financial crisis also exploded in New York, he worked as a freelance pattern maker. He could continue like this, or start her own company: it was thus that with the help of his father and his aunt Kraton was born.

Maximize the use of fabric in the creation of patterns. His garments must last at least a decade. He advocates the importance of making clothes with good karma, because good karma starts with the fibers. His designs feature Indonesian batik, hand-woven and ikat fabrics. Using even pineapple and water hyacinth cloths, Auguste Soesastro https://manual.co.id/article/singularity-auguste-soesastro/ expresses his creative talent with natural biodegradable fabrics. Trust in sustainable practices and overcoming entrepreneurial challenges are the combination in which the designer renews the relationship between architecture and fashion in his fashion creations. When he conceptualizes, his clothes he lets himself be carri away by the pleasure of aesthetics.

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