WHEN BLACK IS A NEW BLACK – If you draws influences from what lies within you

Promote beauty in every form, empowering the wearer

As you wander around Melbourne, imagine a place to find pieces uniquely inspired by bondage and the occult. He also imagines that that kind of Teale Coco https://twitter.com/tealecoco  stuff is handcrafted and in limited quantities. Now that you have imagined, a problem arises: do you have something against buying something that goes beyond the boundaries of normality? She began her fashion career posting on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tealecocothelabel/. After hireing a professional tailor to manufacture her designs, she drew upon her own personal taste for fashion inspiration http://vilecompany.com/blog/teale-coco.

She prefers to combine human anatomy and spirituality with beauty, beyond the bodies, to best enhance a fashion trend https://www.facebook.com/tealecoco666. Photographer and owner of a fashion label of the same name, Australian model Teale Coco https://tealecoco.com/ was born in 1992 in Melbourne, where she developed her precocious interest in photographing herself https://tealecoco.com/collections/lavender/. Not only did she graduate from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography (major in fashion), but she was discovered and promoted in Japan by a modeling agency. In 2013, she opened her self-titled fashion label “Teale Coco,” selling her fetish-inspired clothing and accessories.

In 2015, by I-D magazine she was describe as a “social media star.” 1.77 m height, blonde hair color and green eyes color, Teale Coco https://tealecoco.com/product-category/clothing/ found placements in London, Milan and New York City, and alongside Edward Enninful and Craig McDean photographing for W magazine in 2016. Same year, she appeared on the cover of “L’Officiel Italia,” with an interview on her fashion line. Shortly after, she was photograph in New York City for Dazed magazine’s 25th anniversary issue, wearing her own eponymously named design. In constant dialogue with the themes of modeling, production and design https://tealecoco.com/sale/, her team is made of very talented fashion students.

Strongly fitted, its models allow its customers to choose the message to convey to others. Not only Teale Coco https://www.vogue.com/article/teale-coco-model-fetish-fashion-designer-interview has featured for numerous online editorials, but also she posed as the subject for a painting by pop surrealist artist Michael Hussar. The, when she was in Tokyo, starting develop idea related to a fashion line of fetish-inspired accessories, drawning inspiration from Japanese art of Shibari. Then yet, really in this way she began selling online these accessories branded Teale Coco. An advocate of any type of personal restriction https://twitter.com/tealercoco, by entering the “Body Positive Movement” she decided to create dresses available in all sizes.

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