THE DELINQUENTS, FROM NOVEL TO CULT FILM – Writing full time, after an illness

A girl named Lola and the characterization of a triumph

There are those who say that heterosexual fulfillment and modernism are hidd within the pages of his first novel. Australian novelist Deirdre Cash wrote under the pseudonym Criena Rohan. The Delinquents, her first novel, was describe as a “back-street Tristan and Isolde”. Born in Melbourne on a July day in 1924, she was the eldest daughter of a sales representative and an operetta director. Her parents divorced, so as various relatives looked after her and her brother, her upbringing began to tune in to the desire to write stories.

Her first novel did not have a long career in Australian fiction; however, it is still liminal. Deirdre Cash, an attractive and witty brown-haired woman, attended classes at the Melbourne Conservatory of Music and became pregnant in 1948 She married a law student, but soon discovered she couldn’t be trapped in that role and decides to abandon her husband and child. On the fringes of society, she earned a living teaching ballroom dance, successfully trying to stay away from alcohol and indecency. In 1954, she met a sailor and she followed him to various ports, marrying him in 1956.

The threat of an illness motivated Deirdre Cash to abandon the lack of commitment and listlessness in writing, thus becoming a writer. In 1962, rejected by the publishers, under her Irish stage name Criena Rohan she launched her The Delinquents in London, a novel full of oppressed teenagers set in the 1950s. In 1989, that novel of her became a teen movie.

When he finished his second novel, Down by the Dockside in 1963, Deidre Cash was dying. Reading it, you will discover that it is precisely within those pages that she has most markedly characterized the unrest of the Melbourne working class, with a sentimental social realism lacking in literary refinement, but with biting dialogues. A third novel, The House with the Golden Door has disappeared. She outlived her husbands and children, she died when she was about to die in Melbourne in the spring of 1963.

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