THE ART OF CREATING BEAUTIFUL AND FUNCTIONAL LOOKS – Donna Karan, when black is the city color par excellence

How to dress with a few easy pieces

Garment stolen from underwear, she introduced the body to wear outside, in tight fitting, shaping stretch fabrics. Black is still the basis of his collections. If you want, you too can discover the DKNY brand, the young and glamorous urban spirit of Donna Karan. You can do it through the online shop, or by entering one of its stores (such as Bloomingdale’s in New York, 504 Broadway), touching firsthand how to dress with a few easy and interchangeable, to dress every hour of your day as a woman.

She feel very strongly about dresses on every level, because a dress feels like underpinning. With her seven essentials, she has helped revolutionize the women’s wardrobe. Over the course of her career, she has won the Council of Fashion Designers of America Award, also receiving an honorary degree from Parson’s School of Design in New York. She married in 1973 to Mark Karan, keeping his surname after the divorce. In 1985, Donna Karan founded DKNY, her own fashion house aimed at a young audience, achieving immediate success.

According to her way of dressing, just a few pieces (but carefully matched) are enough to dress appropriately on every occasion. Born in Long Island (New York) in 1948, she is the designer and entrepreneur of the DKNY fashion house. Her mother was a model and her stepfather was a tailor. That is why already at the age of 14 Donna Karan started working in the fashion industry. After graduating from Hewlett High School, she attended school of design in New York, and then worked for Anne Klein, becoming its artistic director until 1989.

In 1984, her first collection was born and she founded the brand that bears his name. Donna Karan’s story was also in her autobiographical book My Journey. Her clothes for mothers, wives and workers have responded to the practical needs of women. Its main item is the stretch bodysuit in stretch fabric, which can be combined with seven coordinated items. She rather promote New York than anything else in this world, because to her means the world.

As she say, accent your positive and delete your negative. Alternatively, delete the negative and accentuate the positive. Appealed by the trade press such as The Queen of Seventh Avenue, Donna Karan offers an original and extremely functional look, to be worn from morning to evening, where the black color lets the real person wearing that dress emerge. In 2015, after the death of her husband, the news arrives that she abandons what she had created, leaving the management and development of the brand to other hands, creating a real temple in New York Urban Zen physical and mental well-being.

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