ANOTHER WAY FOR BEING TRAVELER – Six ways of saying travel, across the United States

Into the land of the free, home of the brave

You can choose remote places and unique experiences, nostalgia for the past or attraction for the future. Travel thematically to the United States offers opportunities for all tastes. The horizon of your perspectives extends from the Hawaiian paradises to Florida, but you can also opt for itineraries of the soul between South Carolina and Georgia, moving on motorcycle for music of this huge country.

One of the most famous American cities in the South of the United States owes its fame to music. Here was born Rock’n’Roll and the myth of Elvis Presley. Among the things to see in this city, you will start from Beale Street, the most famous street in Memphis, with live music. If you love blues, go to the Rum Boogie Cafe The city is famous for its barbecue restaurant, Rendezvous, which has been in operation since 1948 and featured in novels, films and newspaper articles.

A quiet Midwestern city, Saint Louis is unmistakable for its famous metal arch that marks its skyline. If you like to drink beer, this is the city for you, starting with one of its most famous breweries, Anheuser-Busch, best known for the Budweiser brand. This is where the St. Louis Cardinals play, 11-time winners of the World Series of baseball. If you cannot indulge in a live match, experience at least one Busch Stadium tour

The Big Apple, New York, is a concentrate of stimuli and attractions. We suggest three. Between Lexington Avenue and 52nd Street, find the subway vent that made Marilyn Monroe’s legs famous. To hear a Gospel choir, Harlem is the place to be, just enter the Abyssinian Baptist Church Only on the coincidence of the summer solstice, a special sunset awaits you among the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Before leaving, experience a drink and relax at the Village Vanguard, a legendary jazz club that has been open since 1925.

The Columbus Artistic Museum, has also begun to host contemporary art exhibitions, adding a section dedicated to photography. A stroll through the North Market, which is particularly lively on Saturdays, will give to you local vendors selling homemade bread and small restaurants. Even an outdoor adventure awaits you in the city, simply by entering ZipZone Outdoor Adventures, where you will walk through trees, even in the moonlight.

No city in the world, like New York, can offer you such extravagant activities. You can start from a building from 1808, the Aire, trying the experience of thermal baths and incredible massages. A multimedia museum located in a former building of the historic Astoria Studios, the Museum of the Moving Image, houses a collection that trains your artistic, historical and technological sense. This city is also famous for street art, and the Bushwick neighborhood offers you the most extraordinary collection of this kind of art .

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