WHEN A NURSING STUDENT BECOME A TURNED-POP SENSATION – Mao Buyi: The cute sang and his melancholy poetic melodies

Rise of ordinary idol, on bumbling way to fame

In ancient China, music was intend to perfect youth education. That didactic function also had meanings connected to a delicate balance between Heaven and Earth. Reading the Book of Rites https://ctext.org/liji, you find a chapter on music, where you can read that it is born in the heart of man whose external things act on the emotions that interact with the tone of the voice. This is exactly what you can discover by listening to the melancholy poetic melodies of Mao Buyi.

Born October 1994 and better known by his stage name Mao Bu Yi, is a Chinese singer-songwriter from Heilongjiang, who rose to prominence for winning the all-male singing competition The Coming One in 2017. In 2018, Mao Buyi https://peoplepill.com/people/mao-buyi/ released his debut album Perfect Day, achieving double number ones on the Billboard China singles chart in 2019. His Drown Your Sorrows song was streamed over 500 million times. He embarked on a three-date tour of Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, which was attended by 300,000 people.

He studied nursing and began his internship at a hospital in Hangzhou in 2016. To ease the pressure from work, Mao Buyi https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi42YK8HZGByBiUbIL1cgNA/about played the guitar, beginning writing songs prior to appearing on The Coming One. His 2018 debut album Perfect Day (produced by the singer Li Jian), was streamed and downloaded over one million times on its first day of release.

His first song was If I Become Very Rich One Day. He was noted for standing out from the other contestants for his normality and all media began referring to him as “the cute sang”, when he sang songs about frustrated ambition hopelessness. Mao Buyi https://www.chinadailyhk.com/articles/86/115/64/1545792376304.html had very little prior experience in music. His 2018 debut album was a critical success, because several critics noting its natural poetic lyrics and melancholy melodies.

THE PERFECT DAY – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiiwclhI5Y8 I wake up at 7: 30 every morning. The wind chimes are ringing again and the clouds are light. The sun-soaked clothes smell safe. Everything is soft and quiet. The flowers in each intersection are bloomed under the sun. In front of the store came a good love song. It does not take long to get there. People come and go with full of goodwill. This is the most ordinary day. Do you miss it, too? Take your time to walk home. So wasted years with no cares. Only the evening breeze gently on the cheek. Before the sun sets, the sun sets in the river. Visiting the market in the evening and feel very satisfactory with what I have. A friend called and said he was waiting for you. To meet and talk about anything. The table is in the garden full of flowers. A little bit of wine, a little bit of song, a little bit of laughter. Never thinking about where to go tomorrow. Because the wind is too peaceful tonight. This is the most ordinary day. Do you miss it, too? Take your time to walk home. So wasted years with no cares. Only the evening breeze gently on the cheek. This is the perfect day. You want it, too? Life can be less complicated. So wasted years and no cares. Only the evening breeze gently on the cheek. One day we will find her.

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