GROWING LIKE A FAN OF MINIMALISM – Maikel Tawadros: Thinking in calmness style, for women identity

Wanting to be true to himself

He think the woman that buys his clothes is a confident woman, not completely influenced by trends. He started his creative journey in the world of fashion working as a clerk in Copenhagen. His interesting collections deserve your attention. Maikel Tawadros is one of Denmark’s most talented designers. Having become a freelance before moving to Paris, he worked for the Danish brand Annhagen.

In 2012, Maikel Tawadros graduated from Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design and debuted with his brand had a show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Since then he has received acclaim from experts within the fashion industry, until in 2015 he received a nomination for DANSK Design Talent Magasin Award. He do not think there is one specific fabric to prefer over the others, but he love sandwashed silk, fur and wool.

He was inspired by how technology is taking over in many aspects, wanting to create a collection of robot-like women. Referring design and aesthetics, he wanted to create a universe where he was totally himself. Maikel Tawadros  design appealed to many different women, also the mainstream women. Cementing the brand’s status as artful fashion, his styles have been displayed at the Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

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