Californian people lived own artistic dream

California Dreaming is a Mamas and Papas song, released as a single in 1965. Dreaming California is a 45 rpm of an Italian beat-pop complex, released in 1966. Dreaming California is an old film directed by the Italian director Carlo Vanzinas, where four old friends meet after fifteen years, deciding to fulfill their old dream: the crossing of the United States from coast to coast. The California Dream not is only the psychological motivation to gain fast wealth or fame in a new land, but to arrive in a place of new beginnings, a land of opportunity and good fortune where Californian people lived own creative artistic dream.

Psychological states have become objects of study not only in the scientific and medical fields but also in the artistic impact on the consciences that painters of the soul have. All this had its debut between late romanticism and realism, reaching the creative avant-garde of today, which objectify melancholy, ecstasy, and a feeling of vitality. Visiting Pasadena (California), nothing better than deepening the knowledge with the Post-Surrealist movement painter Helen Lundeberg. Evoking moods and emotions, her work has been concerned in degrees of representation and abstraction. She created mysterious images that exist somewhere between abstraction and figuration, producing lithographs, easel paintings, and murals in the Los Angeles area. As a child, she was an exceptional student and an avid reader, while during her early adulthood her inclination was to become a writer. In 1912, her family moved to Pasadena (California), but Helen Lundeberg, the eldest child of second-generation Swedish parents, was born in Chicago in on a June day, 1908.

Music and sounds can stimulate the mind and creativity. The creative process that intervenes in the artistic activity contributes to enriching life. With sound, some people try to find new alternatives to old ways of thinking and interacting. Music is a mysterious gifts human beings have, especially Californian singer Ysabella Brave has studied at San Jose State University, having show business experience throughout her life.Born on a December dat 1979, she becomed an American songwriter and performer more widely known by name Ysabella Brave. She was signed as a recording artist for an e-label of the Warner Music Group, mentioned in the book YouTube for Dummies and lso mentioned in the book 15 Minutes of Fame.

To book lovers rejoice there are independent bookstores across Los Angeles that are focused on a wide range of literary genres. One of its most acclaimed independent bookstores, Skylight Books, is in historic Los Feliz neighborhood. Owned and run by writers, it host author events. Mystic Journey Bookstore, sells a wide range of visionary books, toghether one of L.A.’s best collections of healing crystals and stones. Used-bookshop Alias Books East, is heavily stocked with multiple genres of books, maybe you will find a novel by Joan Didion. With The Year of Magical Thinking, she was a 2005 National Book Award winner for nonfiction. Born in and raised in Sacramento (California) on a day in December 1934, beginning to write since the age of five, becoming a writer. Moving often made her feel like an eternal stranger. Joan Didion was unable to attend school regularly because of the constant family transfers, but in 1943, she and her mother settled permanently in Sacramento. She worked in Vogue for two years, being promoted from copywriter to associate editor, writing her first novel. From 1979 to 2004, she lived in a quiet residential suburb of Los Angeles, then moving to New York.

Its debut collection was a single item: a simple pair of foldable leather shoes that fit into a carrying pouch. The name comes from the saying “my dogs are barking” (which means my feet are in pain). All its products are handmade in Los Angeles. Launched by Maryam and Marjan Malakpour, NewbarK luxury brand, is well know for elegant shoes and handbags. She is one of the fashion industry’s most coveted costume designers and stylists. She is a woman from Iran who rose to be a highly celebrated stylist, to rock stars writ large. She love the gold accents against the silver paint. The car is a perfect aesthetic reflection of her attention to detail. Fashion stylist and creative director, Maryam Malakpour says the car is perfect for Sunday drives. Her sister Marjan moved down to Los Angeles to help her, and in 2009, the stylist sisters founded a luxury shoe line called NewbarK.

Located inside Hancock Park, Los Angeles County Museum of Art is an incredible place to explore the art world. Here you can see Monet or Tim Burton, or immerse yourself in rare and varied collections, such as the collection of Brett Weston, genius of American photography

He believed non-photographic artists influenced his work more. Tendency toward abstraction characterized much of his work throughout his nearly seventy-year career. He began taking photographs in 1925, while living in Mexico. He was the second of the four sons of a photographer. Brett Weston was born in Los Angeles into a December day, 1911. He was featured at the international exhibition at age 17.

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