FEMALE NUDES IN OUTDOOR SETTINGS – Edwin Holgate: Splendidly painted nudes, without cosmetics

Setting a new fashion in nudism away from French decadence

Obviously, you absolutely cannot miss trying its traditional dish called poutine. Stop in Bonsecours Market (its oldest and the biggest market). If you want to discover the French province of Canada, this is definitely a place to start, because Montreal https://www.timeout.com/montreal/things-to-do/best-things-to-do-in-montreal is the biggest city in Quebec Region. Vieux Montreal is full of all kinds of fantastic architecture. Do not forget visit painter Edwin Holgate, at Mount Royal Cemetery.

Although he did execute landscape paintings, he was better know for his portraits. Among his talents, were his skills as a book illustrator, as well as a wood engraver. He taught at the École des beaux-arts and at the Art Association of Montreal. He died in Montreal in 1977. He studied at the Art Association of Montreal, before travelling to Paris in 1912, to study at La Grande Chaumière. Edwin Holgate https://www.gallery.ca/collection/artist/edwin-holgate was born in Allandale (Ontario) in 1892, and served in the army in Canada, England and France in 1916-19.

In 1920, he went back to Paris, where training with a Russian artist impressed upon him the importance of strong colouring. Edwin Holgate admired artist Paul Cézanne, whose emphasis on structure inspired his compositions. He travelled to Jamaica, France and to Skeena River (British Columbia), and in 1930 with other artists to Natashquan in Quebec. He showed innovation in presenting a nude in a wilderness setting, free of pretences of mythology, exhibiting his nudes in the 1930 Group of Seven exhibition.

He painted many murals, the best known being his designs for the Totem Pole Room (Ottawa’s Chateau Laurier Hotel). His interest in drawing and printmaking are evident in the lines and design of his painting. He was painter and printmaker, draughtsman, illustrator and muralist. Employing the same directness that he had applied to the unclothed figure, Edwin Holgate https://www.barriearchive.ca/2016/07/14/remembering-edwin-holgate-1892-1977/ explored a modernist approach to portraits and landscapes. He was buried at Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal, where he wait for your visit.

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