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PHOTOGRAPHING THE LAST – Matilde Campodónico: The form is the content

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Some creative people create works that someone wants to buy. All of them work to share and affirm their being. If you also think that art is any work that allows you to express yourself by creating what was not there before, then you can continue reading. For a photographer, the main reason for taking a photograph is not just to show others what he saw, but how he perceived it. This is the case of Matilde Campodónico, for which the photo is the content.

Since 1994, she has highlighted herself at the exhibition “Ninety thousand. Photography”, in the Cabildo of Montevideo. Five years later, she created “Napa Freática”, at the Buquebus Foundation. She spends part of her childhood in Mexico, but currently lives and works in Montevideo where Matilde Campodónico https://www.matildecampodonico.com/ was born in 1969, becoming a visual artist and photographer. Her photos are part of a variety of editorial projects.

As a photographer, Matilde Campodonico https://twitter.com/mcampodo worked in journalism and journalistic photography, collaborating with the New York Times and Globe and Mail. In 2008, it was selected for the 53rd National Visual Arts Award. In 2014, she was called up for the II Biennial of Montevideo, where she presented Always Present. In 2018, Asunción Casa Editora publishes her book Campo Blanco.

In 1994, Matilde Campodonico https://www.instagram.com/matildecampodonico/ entered the photographic laboratory of Diana Mines. After a year, she studied Graphic Reporting at the Uruguayan Photo Club, participating in various collective shows. From 1998 to the present, she works as a graphic journalist in the El Observador newspaper. She published his photos in the book One way to see, a co-production of IBM and Uruguayan Photo Club.

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