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HANDMADE FASHION PIECES, FROM URUGUAY – Margo Baridon: Getting nervous at every show, like it was the first time

Women’s clothing brand made in Uruguay

You will find all the answers with CodyCross, but it will not help you dress. What kind of relationship do you have with your body and with your way of dressing? The dress communicates something about us to the world. Packaging clothes for a clientele is like spring dresses flower meadows. This is what a fashion designer loves to do. This creative person is a universe of words and thoughts, very interesting to know. That is why we introduce you to the world of Margo Baridon.

She went abroad to take courses in fashion design (in London for the first time at age 16), to see if she could go out to live. Margo Baridon holds two degrees (in administration and fashion). They call her Margo, because there is no other way to call a woman by that name, but her real name is Margot.

The woman of her brand has values and ideals. In each collection, Margo Baridon tries on how the clothes fit, with imagination, adding a touch of black dress, in all places. Her mother danced flamenco, and she kept that memory. Many of his clothes are layered, because (as a child) every time he drew he created exaggerated shapes. Also for this reason, she always thinks of a piece of clothing in movement, rather than static.

She support local designers using things she do not produce. She prefers sustainable lines, even looking for used and vintage clothes. The use of his clothes by celebrities generates brand recognition. That is why Margo Baridon dresses influencers and celebrities, living in a world where Instagram is a window where a slice of the universe can be picked up from anywhere on the globe.

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