DETRÁS DE UNA FOTO – Wara Vargas Lara, the most skilled female photojournalist in Bolivia

Sexist & Colonial Portrayals of Latin America


Although it is not a prime spot for haute cuisine, La Paz’s quality places to eat are on the rise. Entering Manna Ser Sano restaurant, you can discover a good place to consider. Its names of the dishes inspire awe and appetite:  Papicar bien (to nibble healthily, or to make love well), Atún romántico (romantic tuna) and the natural juice Fuera toxinas (get out, toxins). Through the combination of colors and original flavors, they has been successful in creating a unique culinary experience for their customers. Look at the faces around you, they are the timeless faces immortalized by Wara Vargas Lara, a photographer who works in this city.

She is a Bolivian photographer based in La Paz. In the last 15 year, she has worked as a photojournalist for various media. She grew up surrounded by photography, thanks to her parents, both artists. Her photos are part of the book of Bolivian photographers Fotografica 2006 and Fotografia Boliviana 2012. With her photographs, Wara Vargas Lara captures within the space-time binomial the bullfighting festival that takes place in the city of El Alto (Bolivia), where bulls are not killed. She continues to work in La Paz, for the local newspaper Pagina Siete.

For the last 15 years, she worked as a photojournalist for various media outlets in Bolivia. She is a Bolivian photographer based in La Paz. Wara Vargas Lara studied Communications Sciences and Majored in Press Photography in Cuba. She exhibited in a number of collective shows in New York, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina. The women of Polleras (indigenous Bolivian women known as “Cholas”), have been discriminated against for centuries by Bolivian society that preferred white women as references for beauty. His photographic series focuses on those strong women who fight for their rights.

The forest and the dreams on the treetops have marked my childhood, which is why, in her work, she is guided by dreams and intuition. She has received nominations second place in the photojournalism category of the Latin American Prize in Photography (2012). During 2017, Wara Vargas Lara took part in a couple of exhibitions at Photo Patagonia in Argentina, and in the Revela-T Festival of Analog Photography.


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