THE VIRTUAL STORY – Bikem Ekberzade: Becoming know for work on forced migration.

The Refugee Project.

Illegal, her 2006 book of photographs, documenting lives of two young African women, trying to survive in Istanbul. Since the 1990s, she has worked with news outlets, also selected as the photographer of the month by European Press Network World Reporter. She is know for her work on forced migration. Born 1971 in Istanbul, BIKEM EKBERZADE is a Turkish photojournalist and documentary photographer. In 2004, she had an award for her documentary work on refugees by UNHCR.

At the on-start of the Kosovo crisis, she moved back to Turkey, to work as a freelance photographer covering the refugee flow and military maneuvers. During her studies, she has worked with development projects for NGOs. After having completed her high school education, BIKEM EKBERZADE went to the United States where she received a bachelor’s degree in Management. In 2010, she self-published West-end of the Border, as an e-photography book. The book details her visits to the Sahel, to document the flight of the Sudanese from Darfur to refugee camps in Eastern Chad.

Among her early documentary work, is a video documentary about the stage life of three drag queens. Upon graduation, BIKEM EKBERZADE continued to work with OXFAM America, on development and implementation of fundraising projects. She worked for CNN Financial News in New York City, and was later hired by CNN in Atlanta as a production assistant. Currently residing in Istanbul, she continues to work as a freelance photojournalist. Her latest project is a feature-length documentary about refugees in Turkey.

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