A THIRTY, THE PARTY IS OVER – Choi Young-mi: Accusation in the form of a poem. Six stanzas. Twenty-seven lines. .

Poem that brought down Korea’s revered poet.

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In the late 1980s, her work bears witness to an expectation of change, which results in disillusion. Born in Seoul (South Korea), in 1961, she studied Western history and art history at Hongik University. Among the defining figures who ignited the #MeToo Movement, CHOI YOUNG-MI is a poet and novelist from the Republic of Korea, widely known for her poetry collection “At Thirty, the Party is Over”.

In 1981, she participated in a student protest, then being detained at police station and was suspended from university for a year. CHOI YOUNG-MI was one of a secretive group who dared to translate Karl Marx’s Capital, after Korean War. Following the decline of communism in the late 1980s, she has tried to express that significant change, both within and out of herself. In 2006, she was awarded a literary award for her book of poetry “To the Pigs”, which exposed the human conditions with satirical language.

She lives in Seoul, and writes poems that frequently combine urban realism with erotic content. Now known as a poet, a novelist and an art critic, CHOI YOUNG-MI began her career as a poet in 1992, when she published her poetry collection “At Thirty, the Party is Over”. In 2017, the editor of a magazine requested her to write a poem on feminism. By accepting this request, she wrote the poem “Monster”, https://www.facebook.com/KoreaJoongAngDaily/posts/in-her-poem-monster-choi-young-mi-recounts-the-sexual-abuse-that-new-writers-fac/1531116627007534/ that exposed the sexual harassment and abuse by an old poet.

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