OPEN DOORS FOR NEW BOUTIQUE – Hildur Yeoman: A fashion designer, illustrator and visionary based in Iceland.

The Icelandic shop where always you find something useful: Yeoman.

If you do not pack the right items, you will be even turn into a meat Popsicle. What to wear and what to bring (no matter the season), visiting Iceland? Thermal Gear. Shoes that are comfortable, lightweight, and water-resistant. Flip Flops, they are perfect for when you need to shower. A versatile jacket that is preferably warm, a windbreaker, and a rain jacket. A Vest? A simple fleece lined, or down vest can go a long way in keeping you warm. You will be fine in jeans (but only wearing something underneath them). Do not forget a swimsuit and a sarong (there are wonderful opportunities to enjoy the geothermic waters). Before leaving Reykjavik, where buy clothes that remind you of your Icelandic holiday? Entering a Boutique in Skólavörðustigur 22b.

She was born in Reykjavik on a December day, 1983. She studied at the Art School of Iceland, spending a few years at the Berlin art school. Take a look her wonderful Euphoria collection Beauty and spring are the fundamental aspects of her Venus collection. Drawing inspiration from the goddess of love, Icelandic fashion designer HILDUR YEOMAN, celebrated a great love for nature.

In London, she graduated in fashion design from Jonathan Saunder, then starting to teach at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, where she currently works. Her dresses lead the local trends, so you will be sure to stand out in one of her dress, that showcasing intricate and colorful print designs made with fine fabrics. Icelandic fashion designer HILDUR YEOMAN opened the doors to her clothing boutique Hildur Yeoman Boutique, Skólavörðustigur 22b, where other local designer labels grace the racks.

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