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SEEKING TRUTH, THROUGH NAZISM, COMMUNISM AND THE REUNIFICATION’S TIME – Christa Wolf / Because between killing and dying there’s a third way: live.

When heroes are like devils, and the victims are the most important.

Books can be powerful. They have the ability to take us on adventures, influencing the way we think. If you’re looking for life-changing books to read, you may buy special one in Berlin. Part art gallery, part haunted house, the robotic art display Monster Kabinett is a terrifying experience. Created in Berlin by an art collective, is a warehouse full of costumed people, all waiting to put on a show (each Thursday and Friday night). Something special to visit? Design Panoptikum, a surreal museum of extraordinary industrial objects where troubling imagery lends to a spooky yet world of mechanical monsters, all designed from historical objects from the medical field or the film industry. In this special town you too can scan the menu at a brewery, for something light and refreshing, choosing Berliner weisse (it’s tart and fizzy, with original herbaceous savour). Among the many creative people who were born (or experienced) in this great city, we suggest you buy one of her books, the one that she had written from an exquisitely feminine point of view.

Her work records the impact of ideologies on individual lives. CHRISTA WOLF was a German writer who grew up under nazism, but becoming an adult under communism. It was revealed that she had been used by the East German secret police (from 1959 to 1962), as an informal collaborator no information of value. Born in Landsberg an der Warthe (in Brandenburg), she was a member of the Bund Deutscher Mädchen (female counterpart of the Hitler Youth). She was 16 years old when her family ran out from the advancing Soviet army.

In 1949, as the GDR came into being, she studied literature at Jena and Leipzig universities. Her novel “The Divided Heavens” won the GDR’s Heinrich Mann prize in 1963, bringing her international recognition. Starting 1965, CHRISTA WOLF began a long process of disenchantment with socialism, in her view not in the right direction. Her study trip to Greece, brought an late epiphany about the her sex’s marginalisation. The times have changed, but the need for voices such as her’s, human and compassionate, is greater than ever. In 1951 she married the writer Gerhard Wolf. She ended her life in Berlin.

In the four accompanying pieces (which take the form of travel reports, journal entries, and a letter), author describes the novel’s genesis. Written as a result of her Greek travels and studies, this book speaks to us in a monologue, whose inner focal points are patriarchy and war. Reading “Cassandra: A Novel and Four Essays“, you can discover the German writer CHRISTA WOLF, while she retells the story of the fall of Troy (but from the point of view of the woman). The entire volume represents an call to examine the past, in order to insure a future.

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