FILLING IN THE BLANKS – Chen Guiliang / Being born and live under the same sky.

Loving memories, on a spring afternoon.

The hearing, is the ability to perceive sound by detecting vibrations, changes in the pressure of the surrounding, through the ear. Auditory processing relies on how the brain recognises and differentiates sound stimuli. But you’ve also the inner hearing, the invisible sound of your emotions, a special sensibility that can born simply reading a poems. Little bridges and rustic cottages along stone-paved streets offer visitors special feelings. Ancient water townships (like Zhouzhuang and Luzhi), are also representatives of local landscapes.

Here, you to can enjoy small but lovely Huishan clay dolls or beautiful Yixing teapots. Unforgettable: delicious Su Cuisine (one of the country’s eight cuisines), is a must. He was born into this fertile land of fish and rice, a province with a long history and abundant highlights. An emerging poet in China, CHEN GUILIANG only started writing poetry in 2012. Born 1982, he was born and lives in Jiangsu Province.

FILLING IN THE BLANKS – The sky, you see, is blank, so blank, such a vast blank, I wonder what it takes to fill it. It reminds me of Death and the way it is registered on a clan’s genealogy; each entry requires a person to give up his life. On a spring afternoon, my father suddenly passed away, filling a generation’s blank space. I know more kinsmen will fill up the remaining blanks. It won’t take long before I replace these people to become a husband, a father, giving my love unconditionally, and know there will be another who will do as I do, fill in, fill in.

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